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Sunday, 22 April 2012

My love for Lana Del Ray

I love this girls style, music.. everything about her I love.
The version of this song is beautiful. The music stripped down to acoustic lets us all see just how amazing her voice is and how truly great the lyrics are.

Love Gem

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Naked Range- 97% Natural Haircare

I read about the naked haircare products on and just instantly thought I have to try these... To be perfectly honest, I hadn't really given much thought to using natural products before, I didnt realise how my hair would benefit from using them and I didnt even realise that they sold natural products in places such as boots or superdrug.
I can't begin to tell you how much better the condition of my hair is within two months of using this range. Its softer and shinier and just generally looks alot healthier than it ever has done before.
In the majority of normal shampoos/conditioners there are things called sulphates. Sulphates cut through grease alot better allowing for a much deeper clean however they strip your hair of all its natural oils which will lead to your hair drying out alot faster.
Natural products can generally be more expensive to buy but I didnt think the naked range was too expensive compared to products I would normally use. The shampoo and conditioner were both about £4.50 each and I think they were well worth the money. They smell lovely, make my hair feel and look lovely and there good for my hair. Even my hairdresser commented on what good condition my hair was in :-) So I'm glad I've ditched usuing sulphates and would definatley reccomend you do the same!!

Love Gem x
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